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Teachers Placed

Over the years, TeachThere has successfully placed over 300+ teachers in top schools across Shanghai, garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews along the way.


Our dedication to excellence and personalized recruitment services has enabled us to match exceptional educators with prestigious institutions, creating transformative experiences for both teachers and schools alike.


With our commitment to fostering global exploration through education, we continue to empower educators internationally, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the field of education.

TeachThere boasts an 80-90% teacher placement success rate, with 90% of these hired teachers passing their probation period.

Our Community

Our monthly social events are more than just gatherings; they're vibrant celebrations of community and camaraderie, carefully crafted to foster connections among educators and school representatives in Shanghai. Partnered with some of Shanghai's most popular restaurants, bars, and event spaces, each TeachThere event serves as a dynamic platform for networking, team-building, and the cultivation of a shared sense of belonging.

With attendance ranging from 80 to 350 teachers per event, the atmosphere buzzes with energy as educators from diverse backgrounds and disciplines come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge meaningful relationships. From seasoned veterans to fresh faces in the education landscape, everyone finds a place at our events, enriching the community with a tapestry of perspectives and insights.

Beyond the professional networking opportunities, our events also serve as invaluable occasions for staff team-building. As educators, we understand the importance of fostering strong bonds within our own teams, and these gatherings provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for colleagues to connect outside the confines of the classroom or office!

Our Testimonials

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"I discovered TeachThere through a friend, and I'm thrilled with their exceptional guidance."
"They matched me with ideal teaching opportunities, alleviating the stress of job hunting. I would highly recommend them for anyone going into teaching.

Natalie Donaldson

Our Schools

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